A summary of the supplements you need to nourish your skin:

  • Wild-crafted Blue Green Algae - 120 capsules

  • Sprouted Grains and Grasses Green Drink Mix - 7 oz

  • Hemp oil from any health food store

  • Evening primrose oils from any health food store.

(I recommend that you start with one whole food product at a time and add the rest as your immune system and
your body get stronger). After you
contact me, I will be able to recommend which whole food supplement you
should get started on first. As you start taking these extraordinary supplements, I will email you a schedule to

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For treatment of eczema, consider these other supplements:


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Essential Fatty Acids for Eczema
The nutritional supplements I recommend are made with natural,
organic, and wild-crafted whole foods. They include: Wheat grass,
sprouted spelt, oat sprouts, quinoa sprouts, green oat grass, barley
grass, flax seeds, wild-crafted blue green algae, red algae, dulse,
kelp, dulse, bee pollen, etc.  These are some of the most nutrient
rich and extremely health-supportive groups of foods available.

An economical and convenient way to ensure that every day you
are consuming an entire range of unique superfood nutrients is to
consume high quality, nutrient rich superfoods such as wild-crafted
blue green algae and a sprouted grains and grasses green drink
mix. These superfoods simply allow you access to fascinating,
extremely health-supportive groups of foods are not available from
your organic farmers market, grocery store produce section, or bins
of whole grains.  For these whole food supplements are not meant to
replace fruits and vegetables, but to add to it.  Mix these whole food
supplements daily into your morning fruit smoothie or your
vegetable juice.
The statements in this article have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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  • A recent study performed at the Massachusetts General Hospital, affiliated with Harvard University revealed
    that feeding wild-crafted blue green algae to rodents significantly decreased blood cholesterol levels
    (Kushak et al., 1999).

  • A double-blind placebo-controlled study conducted at the Royal Victoria Hospital, affiliated with McGill
    University in Montreal, included 50 healthy participants. Results suggested that wild-crafted blue green algae
    may help stimulate the increased production of red blood cells, an effect that may be due to its high
    content of vitamin B12.

  • A recent preliminary study from Boston University suggests that eating wild-crafted blue green algae may
    reverse symptoms of essential fatty acid deficiency, specifically omega-3 (Kuskak et al., 1999).
    Deficiency in essential fatty acids has been associated with cardiovascular disease, certain forms of cancer,
    arthritis, depression and skin problems (Bruno, pp.7-32).

  • Another placebo-controlled study performed in collaboration with the University of New Mexico suggests that
    eating wild-crafted blue green algae stimulates specific areas of the brain leading to increased cognitive

    Clearly, the sprouted grains and grasses green drink mix and wild-crafted blue green algae offer some of the
    most beneficial nutritional components you can use for supplementation. They replenish you with their vast
    reservoir of essential and many times hard-to-find nutrients.

Hemp Oil and Evening Primrose Oil- good sources of essential fatty acids:

Since individuals with eczema appear to not get enough essential fatty acids (EFAs) or have an imbalance of EFAs
in their diet, two of the best food sources for regaining EFA balance are hemp oil and evening primrose oil.

    Hemp Oil:  
Nourishing your body with the best quality whole food supplements

Every molecule, in every cell in your body, originates from the water you drink, the air you breathe, and the food you
eat. There can be no doubt that the absence of certain essential nutrients can lead to a predisposition to illness. As
a result of nutritional deficiencies, a gradual degeneration takes place, often over a period of years.  However,
eating quality foods, you may assure your body's ability to prevent, arrest, and often reverse most
degenerative conditions.  
It is the body that orchestrates healing as it obtains energy from nutritional components.

In regards to eczema, Tori Hudson, N.D. in her article, "Women and Skin Conditions", .believes that there are several
key nutritional deficiencies: essential fatty acids, vitamins A, C, D, E, selenium and zinc (p.147). "Skin problems...are
common in people who do not get enough essential fatty acids or have an imbalance of EFAs in their diet...Vitamin C
and other antioxidants such as vitamin E, A and selenium, as well as vitamin D (can)....stimulate collagen synthesis,
improve the skin's texture, and help prevent additional damage" (pp. 147-148).

Nutrients are best utilized by the body if they are in their whole food and enzymatically active state. Therefore, the
best solution to address nutrient deficiencies are whole food concentrates.
Think of the sprouted grains and grasses green drink mix and wild-crafted blue green algae as
nutritional life assurance.
They are rich in vitamins, including A,B,C, and the entire B-complex, especially B12.  
They are also rich in minerals including calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, iodine, absorbable organic iron,
and trace minerals like chromium and selenium, rarely found in modern-day soils. They are also fantastic sources of
digestive enzymes, amino and fatty acids and fiber.

Wild-crafted blue green algae from Upper Klamath Lake:

Not all algae supplements are processed the same. Several companies who harvest this algae from Upper Klamath
Lake flash-dry or spray-dry the algae. Heat is involved with this kind of food processing. High pressures, at specific
points in the drying process, typically heats algae up to 500 degrees F. and even as high as 600 degrees F. for
short periods of time. At other parts of the spray-drying process, temperatures can remain at or below physiological
norms. However, damage to the nutrients and enzymes only takes one brief moment. The brand of blue green algae
that I recommend is dried at a low temperature so the enzymes and the nutrients of this food are not destroyed or
Recent studies conducted by different universities proved the incredible benefits of wild-crafted blue
green algae for your health.

    Following are a summary of a few of these studies:
  • In a study performed at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal
    (Manoukian et al., 1998), it was discovered that eating wild-
    crafted blue green algae triggered the migration of 40% of the
    circulating Natural Killer cells from blood to tissue within 2 hours
    of consumption. Tissue is where Natural Killer cells do their

  • Many substances such as green tea and ginkgo biloba are
    known to improve the activity of Natural Killer cells. But until this
    recent finding on wild-crafted blue green algae, no dietary
    substance was known to stimulate Natural Killer cells to migrate
    into the tissues to search out and destroy sick/diseased cells.
Here's what Udo Erasmus, a recognized authority on the subject of oils, says
about hemp oil:

"...hemp oil appears to be one of nature's most perfectly balanced EFA oils.
It contains both EFAs in the right proportions for long-term use, and also
contains gamma linolenic acid (GLA). It is the only vegetable oil with this
combination" (p.289).

Erasmus recommends hemp seed oil because it contains omega-6 and
omega-3 EFAs in a good balance:
3 to 1. Hemp seeds and hemp oil produce no drug induced "high" in humans
or animals. They do not contain the drug tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
(Erasmus, p.289).

    [NOTE:  When you purchase hemp oil, make certain you choose a
    product that is organically grown and cold pressed (not heated).]

Evening Primrose Oil:
The healing power of the evening primrose plant has been known for centuries. What is it about evening
primrose oil that makes it so useful for eczema? "Analysis of this oil reveals that it is a very rich source of
linoleic acid which....is an essential fatty acid and the precursor of prostaglandin 1 - critically important in
controlling the immune system" (Perlmutter, p.69).

[NOTE: When you purchase evening primrose oil, make certain you choose a product that is organically
grown and cold pressed.]