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An Approach I Had Not Heard Before...

Again I went back to the Internet. I met a woman who claimed she was naturally cured of severe eczema. This
approach was something different than I had ever heard before. It was about nourishing your body properly
with natural foods, organic fruits and vegetables and whole food supplements. This was about healing from
the inside out and not just masking the symptoms. It was about creating a healthy digestive system and
eliminating toxins from your blood. Wow, this really made a lot of sense, not to mention I had no other hope.
My name is Jeremy Barnett.  I am 35 years old and healthier than I can
ever remember. I lost 30 lbs., feel great and I’m eczema free for the first
time in many years. My eczema started in my late twenties with just a
specs on my hands, eventually spreading over my entire face, body
and legs.
The red bumps on my hands were slowly getting worse and
becoming itchy. I had to go see a dermatologist. I went to a local
dermatologist in the Philadelphia area and was told that it was eczema. I
was given a prescription steroid cream and was told to come back in a
month. Wow, what a miracle cream, my eczema cleared up. That was easy
I thought. Boy was I wrong. I used the cream for two weeks and when I
stopped my eczema returned and became worse than ever. By the time I
returned for my follow up visit I had some new spots on my legs. I was told
they were infected ingrown hair follicles that would go away in days and
was given antibiotics along with a new cortisone steroid cream. A few days
later the spots on my legs spread all over. I realized this was probably
more eczema, just in a different area. It looked different than the eczema
on my hands and didn’t itch. I was getting worried. I went back to his office
and was given a new cream. To my surprise the cream was working and
for the next six months I used the cream off and on managing my eczema.
Could food allergies be the cause of my eczema problems?

Since eczema was something I never had before, the doctor wanted to try some patch testing and see if I was
allergic to different types of materials to the touch. This is known as contact dermatitis. I tested negative for all 30
materials that were tested.  I was trying to figure out what was happening to me and why, hoping something would
show up and make some sense of this. Meanwhile my eczema was slowly getting worse and spreading. The steroid
cream was loosing its effectiveness. I started looking on the Internet for any possible answers and found that
allergies, both food and environmental could be a cause for my eczema. I was confident this was it; I had noticed
that certain things I ate aggravated my skin at times and even caused excessive itching. I went to my family doctor,
showed him my eczema, told him my story and asked for blood work to test for these allergies. I was tested and
again nothing, I had no food allergies. This was extremely frustrating, I was sure something specific I was eating was
causing havoc on my body.
Could allergies be the problem?

I went to the allergist knowing I already had allergies. I had been taking Claritin and other allergy medications since I
was a teenager for sinus problems.  I tested positive for dust, mold, pollen, cat, dog and just about everything else. I
began allergy shots along with the Claritin I was already taking. Months went by and things were not getting better
my eczema was spreading, sometimes oozing and becoming more itchy by the day. I now had it on my neck, face
and eyelids. I continued with my shots but had to see another dermatologist. I was hoping this doctor knew
something the other didn’t or perhaps some new cream or cure that hit the market.  I was prescribed antibiotics and
given some new creams. At this point the creams were not helping anymore. They were thinning my skin, causing
discoloration and doing nothing to help my eczema. My eczema continued to worsen, my hands were splitting open
and this eczema was taking over my body and my life. I decided to see an infectious disease doctor who ran several
blood tests. He determined this was severe eczema and I had no disease that he could find. I went back to the
Internet and tried different toxic cleansers and natural detoxification drinks and supplements only to see my eczema
continuing to worsen. I was just about completely covered from head to toe in eczema. My life was hell.

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Doctor Specializing in Eczema Treatment Recommends...

I heard of great doctor at the University of Pennsylvania who specialized in eczema treatment and he was my last
hope. He wanted to put me on high levels of steroid treatments for 6 months, followed up by a lifetime of cortisone
cream use and light therapy. I couldn’t believe that was all he had to offer. He said there is no cure for your eczema
you can only manage it. I told him I needed to give it some thought. I had mixed results with the steroids and in the
end the eczema always returned worse than before.

Once in a while my eczema would flare so bad that I had to go to the Emergency Room or the local Urgent Care.
They would prescribe oral steroids and antibiotics. This would always work wonders immediately and then the
eczema would return and continue to get worse. Life was horrible; I had no hope of getting better.
I thought about my very poor diet from the time I was young, added in my allergies along with
the medications I had taken for my eczema and you have a recipe for disaster. This made a
lot of sense so I decided to change my diet, start taking the necessary supplements and
began my process to naturally heal my eczema. In the beginning my eczema continued to
spread and worsen. This was part of the detoxification process and was expected. It made no
sense to me that I could make so many positive changes and have my eczema worsen still.
Knowing this was part of the healing process I then realized this was the real thing. This was
no gimmick or miracle cream. It was the human body healing itself and it was unbelievable.
After going through hell with the detoxification process I started to see progress like I had
never seen. Wounds on my hands that had been there forever were healing. My face was
starting to look normal again. I was starting to feel much better and my skin started to heal
faster and faster. It started slow and within 6 months I saw incredible results. Soon after I was
completely healed. This was a miracle, my eczema was gone, and I lost 30 unnecessary
pounds and felt better than I could ever remember.  

Amazingly, I also stopped biting my nails and no longer experience any allergy symptoms.
These are two things that were in my life for almost 25 years. I feel great and almost never
get sick. There is help for most degenerative conditions, including eczema, all stomach
issues, asthma, allergies, migraines, anemia, lupus, and arthritis. The old adage “You are
what you eat” couldn’t be anymore true and I’m a living proof.